Looking For Some Guidance .. Here ‘Tis

While researching for the next content/series, I came across Ten Rules for Web Startups. It’s short, sweet, and concise. To the point. Simple. Profound. Wise. And so on. An excellent post packed full of purpose. You could be doing okay…

A Web 2.0 Validator from 30 Second Rule

A Web 2.0 Validator from 30 Second Rule

Found the Web 2.0 Validator while checking out Tad’s Spot. It’s a pretty nifty little idea, and allows for some semblance of checks against a site. Dev Dawn gets a 5 at the moment, which is okay in my books….

The Article Title

Up until just recently, I thought it was more unique to come up with cryptic and funny titles for my posts. Now I’m not so sure. Or rather, I’m thinking that for the most part, a descriptive title is better….

How Often Do You Look Back At What You Write?

This evening I had the wonderful experience of going back through all the previous posts (of course, all in my case is less than a hundred, so it’s nothing for most), pushing them into the new categories.Which incidentally will not…