(140 Words, #75) Pivot, Crux, Center

So for the longest time I’ve been thinking that the 75th story would be the half-way point. Yes. 140 / 2 == 75 apparently. I wanted to do a story for this “half-way” point about the middle of something. Of course, it’s a moo point now. You have to laugh :)

Time is a line.

It began.

It will end.

Marked with ups and downs, the rise and fall, the writ of this creation, yet it continues to march to the drumbeat.

One. Two. Three.

There was beginning. Life sprung from Word.

There is end. The straight rolled up like a carpet.

And there was, importantly, a middle. A crux. A turning point.


Wholly man, wholly God.

Born that blessed day.

Hosts surround. Hosts around. Hosts sing glory-luia.

He lives. He loves. His people and His Father.

He speaks. He heals. He casts out sin and darkness.

He bleeds. He bows. He conquers death at calvary.

He lays. He rises. He shows to all who see.

He leaves. His Spirit. To guide and to protect.

He sits. He rules. He comes again to judge.

The pivot. Crux. The center.