(140 Words, #79) A Veritable Feast of Muddy Puddles

Grady, Elsie, Ava, Fielding and Isolde loved muddy puddles.

They were brothers and sisters who lived in a house somewhere near where the mountains met the sea.

Grady loved to understand muddy puddles.

Elsie loved to float things in muddy puddles.

Ava loved to pour more water into muddy puddles.

Fielding loved to build dams around muddy puddles.

Isolde loved to watch muddy puddles.

And they all loved nothing more than jumping in muddy puddles.

One day it began to rain. There were muddy puddles everwhere!

A puddle to understand. A puddle to float things in. A puddle to pour water into. A puddle to build a dam around. A puddle to watch.

Grady and Elsie and Ava and Fielding and Isolde jumped in the muddy puddles until Mummy called them in for dinner.

It was the best day ever.