(140 Words, #80) Shelter For The Night

Joe and his father were tidying up the common room of the inn when there was a knock on the heavy front door.

All the rooms were full. There was a census happening. “Counting people,” His father said.

Joe stood quietly as his father opened the door.

It was a husband and wife. There was something about the lady. She held her tummy, and rubbed it. A little baby grew inside.

His father shook his head, sadly. There was no room in the inn.

Joe knew he might get into trouble, but it didn’t seem important.

“They could sleep in the stables Father.”

His father nodded.

“Yes. It’s not much, you’ll be with the animals. But it’s shelter for the night.”

The man gripped Joe’s fathers arm strongly. His arms were muscled, and his hands rough.

“Thank you. Thank you.”