(140 Words, #81) The Terrible Twos

As Billy, Sara, Timmy and Mikey ran amok through the playground, an argument between parents was overheard.

“You need to smack that kid.”

“Smacking? That’s barbaric, cruel and it’s the lowest form of discipline.”

“Discipline is a bad word.”

“That’s because you were never properly disciplined yourself.”

“You can so reason with a child.”

“Forget discipline and reasoning, kids will be kids. Let them find out themselves.”

“Ouch. What kind of life did you have?”

“Right. That’s it. You all have no idea what it’s like to ..”

“What? Be a parent? Come on.”

“I have more kids than you.”

“That other Mum has more kids than anyone.”

“Big deal.”

“How could you have more than one kid?”

“Back to the smacking. You shouldn’t do it.”

“Hey. Where did Billy go?”

“Hey. Where is Sara?”

“Where’s Timmy?”

“What happened to Mikey?”