(140 Words, #82) Silas and the Mystery of the Missing Woman

The fan turned, pushing at the hot muggy air.

Silas looked at the cases spread across his desk. Manilla folders, paper clips holding photos, pieces of paper with notes scribbled on them.

There was a mystery afoot.

All of the cases on his desk were connected.

One person at the same burger joint where another worked. The driver in an accident having served under the second cousin of the wife of the man in the other car. A dog owner who frequented a park near the building where the explosion had gone off.

And in the middle was an old woman, missing.

The wife of the first World President, mother to the first Starship Captain, and great grandmother of the woman who had approach Silas four days ago.

The fan turned again. Silas stood up.

Time to get to work.