Day #7 – The Day We Went Back To School

800px-bellevue-hill-scots-college-1 Do you remember what art class was like, back in primary school? Back at the beginning of primary school?

We were privileged yesterday to be a part of our second’s art class. It was pretty cool, watching the kids interact with each other, year 6 kids (the oldest in the school, they have a "helper" system there), and the teacher.

I poured paint into ice-cream buckets, washed my hands half a dozen times, carried paintings to drying racks, and tried to stop our youngest from getting covered in said paint.

250px-bioshock-rapture Other notable events included my discovery that everything in Rapture was not as I thought. Andrew Ryan was not the big bad guy. Love the story-telling that has happened in this game. It’s very cool.

Now that we’re at the tail-end of holidays, the impending return to work seems more, less-distant (how bout that gramma for you). I’ve had a fantastic week off, and am very grateful for that.

Have had an idea. To keep me writing once a day on the blog, I’m going to continue the "Day #x – Title" thing we’ve got going on here. When I miss a day, the count resets back to zero. I’ll start over again to distinguish between the holiday meme and the blog-day meme, or whatever it should be called.

Fare thee well, and happy weekend-ing for everyone!

Day #4, I’ve Been Taking Photos of Splicers

Haunting music plays through crackling speakers. Water flows, hypnotic in it’s ripples. Lush vegetation sprawls through the area.

You hear a mother talking to her baby. Singing a lullaby.

Quickly, I ready my camera and move as close as possible, snapping right as the woman turns.

This is Bioshock.

So today, because of my six month deal, I re-discovered another gem of a computer game. Bioshock. It’s been sitting in my Steam list for a while. I got through about a quarter, maybe less.

ah-prod-swordnskull-picmain-enHave been having a blast with it.

We played some great sessions of Sword and Skull today. Went a lot further than before. The kids are really loving the interaction, decision making, rolling of dice.

Have to get some other board/dice games.

The kids have created this game in the back yard (could be played anywhere, kind of). We’ve got a mega tub of big chalk pieces. Whoever is "in" takes a piece, and runs around the yard writing a series of numbers, let’s say 1 to 5. The other people are inside.

The object is for the seekers to find each of the numbers, preferably in order, although it usually degenerates. Once the numbers get past about 15, it becomes harder to recognise them, even after changing the color of the chalk. Particularly when the locations are forgotten by those who drew them.

Was a wonderful day. Looking forward to what the rest may bring.