What’s Doing? (News from the Clarion Block)

This post was written, as the title suggests, at the end of March. At that time the site’s creation was still underway. Please forgive the blurring of timespans :).

This site isn’t going to be a news aggregator. ClarionMag and TomRuby do a pretty sweet job of that already.

What we are going to do here is offer opinions. On the news. And on other stuff.

"What’s Doing" posts will take a look at noise on the newsgroups, at product releases, at community happenings.

But again, this is opinions (on the news).

Clarion Desktop


Okay, I’m a fan. Unabashed.

If you’ve been following the newsgroups, then you’ll see Gary has been working pretty flat out to get ClarionDesktop functioning on Vista (while adding a nice list of new functionality).

One Hazah! to Gary for his work. If you don’t already have ClarionDesktop (as a Developer), then you should. Not just because you are supporting Gary. This product is going to be one of the leaderboards for the influx of (potential) developers when Clarion 7 is released and pimped.

It’s a hub, an information presenter. And people want to know. I want to know that NetTalk has been updated. And I’d much prefer it happened magically (the transfer of that information to my brainpan).



The big kahuna of templates. This sucker is well publicised, and well supported.

Capesoft definately know how to support. They are polite and helpful BUT (and this is something hard to find) they will push you to think about what you’re asking. Most of the time now, I don’t just fire of the question to Bruce as soon as it appears. Otherwise I’m liable to feel like a fool because I didn’t see the template option, or regerenate .. or .. READ THE MANUAL.

If you visit the 3rdParty newsgroups, especially of late, NetTalk dominates the conversation. This is a good indicator of two things. It’s popularity, and it’s complexity. There might be other _things_ you can think of, but this is my opinion.

The popularity is just candy. The complexity, well I don’t think I’ve ever seen a NetTalk question go unanswered. Bruce (he’s the one working on it at the moment to the best of my knowle(d)ge) responds quickly and with clarity.

Bruce Barrington


I’ve often wondered about the mysterious creator of Clarion. My colleagues know a great deal about the beginnings, and I’ve forgotten most of what they told me.

This week on the newsgroups Nick posted this question,

What ever happened to Bruce Barrington (creator of Clarion) and the TopSpeed group? 

Here’s what I gleaned, in an unspecific order:

– Owned/Ran a Hotel in the Florida Keys

– Sold the Hotel (http://www.hawkscay.com/)

– Russ begins to pun, others join in

– Tony gives us the lowdown on mouth exit grammar (US="barf", OZ="chuck up", Yorshire="Wommit")

– Jan gives us a possible location, Tibet. 

Bruce would be an interesting man to meet. As said, I don’t know much of the history, only that some of it wasn’t pretty.

ClarionMag has an article written a long time ago. It was interesting that all that time ago (1997) there was excitement that TopSpeed had hired a new marketing company. I’d like to find out what happened there.

I’d Cry If There Were Any Tears Left

Ha ha ha. I’ve been reading way too much fiction lately. Melodrama.

Anyway, a few things.

The Day The Whiner Cried .. A Call To Arms is an article done up for the nourishment and benefit of the Clarion Community. Read it and weep. No. Read it and Be Encouraged!

Work is progressing with Archer. I’m readying a new release of DeleteThem (this subdomain redirect seems to be broken, here’s the actual link). I’ll be pushing out releases of all three products within the next while. A major component of each release will be the Updating functionality, courtesy of SafeUpdate, another fabulous Capesoft product.

Apart from that I’m gearing up for sales. Have realised that each of the Product components on the Archer site needs a "Pricing" page. Will probably do that tonight. Sales is something I want to get right from the beginning, but the reality is, I won’t. So, I want to get as much right as I can. Be as prepared as possible, so that when something goes tutsup, I can respond quickly and efficiently.

Been having fun getting more active on the newsgroups. Am trying to make it a daily thing. Not the perusing, cause that’s easy. The active conversing. Pimping the site, products, but also just being a presence.

Lastly, I’d like to point you in the direction of Clarion Desktop. This is a product created by Gary James of Strategy Online. I’ve been rabbiting on lately (see article above, and the Fox story) about Community etc for a while. Gary has built a product that is _all_ about community. It’s a great piece of workmanship. Sure, there are probably things that could be done with it, I’m not worried about that right now. What I see in Clarion Desktop is a vehicle for great things. Purpose. Vision. A product such as Clarion Desktop allows us to pass something easy and awesome onto newbies. It’s going to make life for old timers, middle timers, and new timers a lot easier .. PLUS .. it’s a news portal. Gossip door. "Wha’s Happenin" linkage. This is good. Very. Good. So thumbs up for Gary! And at something like 30 dollars for a years subscription, it’s a no brainer for supporting the community.


How Goes The Reboot

The DevDawn Reboot is going nicely .. after a couple of hours this evening. My mind has cracked open the CSS mystery .. so now i’ve got divs and classes and ids out the wazoo.

Have got a bunch of comics fleshed out .. and some other stuff too. I guess it’s good to be doing something that isn’t coding development on the off time. Although it’s still as demanding.

In other news, Gary James has released Clarion Desktop, a very tidy little application that tells you what third-party clarion software you have on your pc. Actually, it does far more than that .. but go have a look for yourself.