Just Finished My First Can Of DC And It’s Only 8am

Crazy talking. I tell you, sleep is fast becoming my most favourite past-time. There are other things cool, like my recently re-fired Wow-crack-tastic love .. but sleep can provide something those things cannot. A recharge.

Sure, the diet coke coursing through my veins has some good points. It will rot my teeth, my stomach and probably give me some form of cancer.

Wait. Were those the good points?

It has been getting more crazy than usual lately. Last night I switched between working on the big project (a Web System, built with NetTalk, naturally), working through some conversations re the Clarion Tech Evangelist, working on the Podcast (for the new Clarion site, the format of the cast, and some recording), and doing some header image design for my company website.

Plus it was my eldest’s birthday. He was so excited all day, turning 7. Got some cool gear, and we had a fair amount of party food (although wasn’t a big party, just us and one set of g-parents). Little guy knows more about Star Wars now than me (from the Lego game on the Wii).

Bye for now.

Ten Reasons Why Mal Is Better Than Luke


Mal would shoot Jar Jar in the leg, at least the leg.

I know, Jar Jar and Luke probably never met. But still.



Mal has a big brown coat, no robes.

The Matrix proved that big coats were better than robes. Unless Raistlin or another awesome magic user was wearing them. And just because Luke was technically a magic user doesn’t mean he escapes .. Coats >> Robes for heroes.



Mal has River as his foil.



Darth Vader would be better in the Firefly universe. He could be king of the Reavers.

This doesn’t really make sense as a reason .. but i’m putting it in anyway because how awesome would that be.



Mal has crew.

Han had crew. But we are talking bout Luke.



Mal loves his crew.

I’m not sure Luke ever had this dimension. I mean, that George actually thought it through more than a couple of seconds.



Mal can take an absolute beating and still make wisecracks.

This is, obviously, not limited to Mal, many heroes pre and post have had this powerful ability. But Mal is pretty awesome at it.



Mal hangs out with Jayne.



Mal says stuff like "Shiny" and "Misbehave" in ways that make me want to be cool and say them too.




Mal named his ship Serenity.


Naturally, some of these points aren’t very water tight. The Coats/Robes one especially reeks to me. Robes are cool. Especially Jedi’s wearing Robes. But because we got to understand the importance of Mal standing there in a big brown coat (the importance of the coat itself, the meaning of it all), then it trumps robes just for robes sake.

Star Wars

I don’t know about anyone else, but over the last couple of years the aura that surrounded the Star Wars creation has been steadily de-advancing :) Sure, I got into the hype .. pretending to know lots about the universe and the characters, showing forth great wisdom.

Anyways, I’ve come to believe the original trilogy was good, even great, but now awesome .. Now I don’t mind receiving some flak for that .. What really matters is the last two Star Wars movies. If you count in all the background and anticipation. The first one might have just clawed it’s way into good, but not in my books. And the second is, imho, worse. It could have built up the huge tensions between the characters (Darth-to-be etc), but instead it seemed the plot was paper-thin, the acting wooden, and the plot paper-thin. Hmmmm.

Admittedly I only sat through the first half and hour, so perhaps it may have gotten better. My Dearest Other Half tells me it didn’t.

X-Men did it. Spidey too, Blade and Blade 2, and there are more I’m sure that have successfully brought the sci-fi / fantasy creations into today. Why couldn’t Star Wars cut the cheese?

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,