The Other Side of the Roswell Coin ..

.. Is living for that feeling. This is something to be avoided at all costs. Constantly thinking about, and wishing we could have that feeling will bring corruption. Living in this world means that there will be times you don’t have that feeling. In fact, most of the time you won’t be getting on or off the "camp high".

This is not a bad thing. We can see the consequences of seeking out this feeling. People are not content. A husband will lose interest in his wife. A school friend will find someone more interesting. The media will love you for 15 minutes.

This is a great tool used by the Devil. The constant need for the new and better and "that feeling". There is no contentment.

And it’s more than contentment. It’s having our foundation in Christ, our love set and based in and on and through him. There is another feeling that far surpasses the first. It is our relationship with God Almighty. To rest in Him, and His peace, convicted of our sin, repentant and believing. It is seeking His will, meditating upon His word, meeting with Him daily.

It’s living in the world but not of the world – and all that that entails.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

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