The Roswell Incident

Watched Roswell again last night. And again, it was a great episode. There was development to main story, with the sub-stories weaving themselves around it with ingenuity and skill. Dialogue was witty and Max was his usual smouldering, brooding self.

I did a little research on the net, finding out a bit more about the show. I watched the first few episodes way back when it first aired here. The show was almost cancelled, but the fans put together a great deal of support I believed, and convinced the network to continue production. From what I did find, the show is again cancelled after it’s third season (the one airing here now).

Then I began to read some of the older episode transcripts.

A couple of hours later I pulled myself out and realised what was happening. I was inside the world that is the Roswell TV show. Empathising with characters, laughing at their jokes, and wishing I could be with them. Be a friend to them.

Summer Camp. In Australia, NSW Presbyterian Youth have Summer Camp at Christmas time for a week. After you leave there’s that feeling of emptiness lingering around inside. It was always really strong with me.

I’ve not been to a Summer Camp for a few years now, but I’ve definitely had the feeling since. Every time I start thinking about how much my Wife is part of my life, or my Kids. How much I love them. When I think about my Parents, or my Brother and Sisters.

That’s very similar to the feeling I had after spending the time reading the episode transcripts. Not as strong, but on a parallel.

How can people writer such emotion into their creation? How can I get so affected by it? And why? AND, what is the deal with that feeling?

I believe it is because we have eternity set in our hearts.

There is a definite danger in getting into anything of the world too much. I’m not rejecting this. But that feeling is a reflection of something deeper within us.

We were made first and foremost to glory God Almighty. To have a relationship with Him. To be in a right relationship with our Maker. And sinners that have been saved by His grace long to be united together at the last.


And that is what this is all about. For me, I think these feelings are a shadow of Heaven. What it will be like .. Perfect relationships. We will be living in the Land of the King, that glorious place, and we will be perfect.

So where does this leave Roswell? I’m still going to watch it. It’s a great show. But I’m going to be careful not to let it become to me what my hope in Heaven is. Try and stand on anything of this world and it will crumble. Our hope is Christ, he is our rock, the one and only foundation upon which we can stand.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

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