The First Database Post

Hey hey!

This is the first news post entered from the website itself, and placed into the database, and then got back out of the database to your browser .. all by code and stuff :)

It’s one step closer to having the site go live.

Please continue to let me know what you think about the site .. It’s a long process, but your help has been invaluable.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

It’s Been a Long Time ..

.. But hey! We’ve come a long way!

You might notice the new menu above :) And the forums are up and running. I have yet to finish the database side of the site, posting news and that sort of thing, but it’s close to being done.

There might be a few missing links on the menu. If you find anything that is wierd, or have any problems viewing the site, please let me know.

It’s all very exciting. May the Lord bless this endeavour, glory to Him!

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,