The Flying Clock

Phew .. This place just keeps getting regular updates and posts huh :)

Apart form the town we live getting a Subway, real-life has drawn my attentions away from this place and it’s once lofty goals and dreams. This is not to say that it won’t come back, but for now, the posting will be VERY irregular.

Apologies .. And if anyone still reads this and is bummed, put it on the message board or email me.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

Other Stuff

Not too sure why I named the previous post "Summer and Winter" .. Ahhh well. The world seems to be bringing itself into chaos again and again. The world seems to be bringing itself into chaos again and again. Constantly we are hearing about terrorism on the one hand, and huge catastrophies on the other.

Of late I’ve been discussing some major hardcore intellectual thoughts with a friend. The system we live in. What are we .. Really? Dead matter? No Cognition or Consciousness? No Free Will for that matter.

It’s a very important topic with regard to the BIG questions, and I’ve some thoughts that’ll go up later :)

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

Summer and Winter

Well, a lot of shows have ended up for the year .. Which reminds me has only a few weeks left in it :)

There was a crazy show on the other night called "Dead Zone" which was about a man who after an horiffic accident was accessing a part of his brain known as .. Wait for it .. The "Dead Zone" .. Which gave him paranormal abilities, re Second Sight. It’s premise had promise, but alas, as with many others, the execution let it down. Not totally, but enough to leave it in the marginal heap.

It seems that with the end of the year has come a lot of work .. And so I’m prone to falling asleep quite early lately. Not a bad thing at all.

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,

Whoah, Dude!

Where did all the time go? Far away where I cannot reach it.

Although I realise that there are probably few left who visit here, the developments will keep going ahead, if at a slower rate.

With developments in life that cannot be pushed away or dealt with swiftly due to outside circumstances, it will definitely be a slower road to getting this site to the place envisioned.

If by any chance you are reading this, and you are not me, and you would like to help out a little, please drop me a note.

Many thanks and appreciations in advance :)

Goodwill and Salutations to you all,