Before Ajax

There was something? I’m not sure … the fuzzy grey in my brain recollects that perhaps there was coding on the web before the buzzword of the year hit us.

Anyway, have been finding more cool articles about, among other things, Ajax. Gregory Wild-Smith at Twilight Universe gives some wisdom on the newly coined term. Which seems to be, as the post says … "Remote Scripting is a whole group of techniques, AJAX is just a sub-group."

His site has a lot of other cool stuff on it. I’m having a look at his S(imple)A(jax)C(ode)K(it) toolkit.

Are You Taking The .. Wiki?

Turbo Gears have put out a movie (text version too) on the 20 minute wiki. It looks pretty cool, a few new ideas to incorporate, bit of learning. It’s all good. Thanks to the Slashdot article (of course).

:: EDIT ::

Ha ha, I’ve just read a few of the comments on the Slashdot article. Ouch! It’d make you think programmers can’t imagine two sides to a point of view? Imagine that!

I don’t have enough knowledge to know if they’re right or wrong …

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Another Dotted Story

More from the morning Slashdot peruse.

Google has confirmed that they’re going to allow Open Office apps to be opened from their toolbar. This, in my opinion, must be part of the much larger *Take Over The World* plan. I can just imagine a team of dedicated goblins with hammers and stacks of gold coins sitting around planning this. We are seeing the development of something akin to the rise of MS. Except this will be bigger. I think they would believe that they can be bigger. In more control. Over everything. Not just the desktop.

(Keep going with me here) The Desktop is old news. Real Power is controlling the airwaves, so to speak. The information that passes through each of our lives, wrapped up as it is over the internet.

At least, that’s what I imagine the goblins are thinking. Cause they’re little guys who love to get rich. Crafty. At least, JK Rowling thinks so. And every Tolkein-esque book/crpg that ever lived.

Anyway, back on track. The Forbes Article gives the side that says it’s not going to be that cataclysmic. TechWatch responds with the opposite.

Again, I come back to the purpose. What purpose does Google have? The Google Goblins (should be trademarked) must have a purpose in giving a portal for Sun to get their stuff onto more computers. People who would normally not even know Sun existed might give Open Office a try if Google said so. Google Says (as in Simon) … there’s another thing. The power. If Google says it’s okay, then it is. That’s real goblin power. Making people believe something is worth a look.

Anyway, enough babbling. The clarion call of work is … calling.

The Clarion Call

Posted to the Clarion Newsgroup re this site.

Hello to any Clario-Newcomers! Thanks for visiting. May your stay be profitable and/or interesting. Well, really, you’d like it to be and. I’d like what I do to be profitable and interesting.

Hopefully for you, this site is both. Development is what we are about.

Anyway, digressions aside … welcome!

Site Admin

Modified the site visual-ality a little. Brought it back to a <1000 width, which is better. I’d been testing it on my laptop thinking "Everyone will be okay with a massively wide webpage … why not? I like it. I can see it.

Stupid design flaws.