Some Kind of Gem

Okay, anyone who knows me can testify that I never get excited about some kind of idea. Never. Ahem.

Anyway, I finally got around to watching the Video of a demonstration on using Ruby on Rails. RoR (hah, that sounds like something a mmorpg kiddie would yell at you as they stood over your corpse defeated in a pvp duel … anyway) has been around for some time. No. Scratch that. Ruby has been around for many years. RoR is new, and seems pretty cool. Although in my ferreting around the net, I’ve found people on both sides of the "It’s cool" point.

What I liked about it (what I saw from the vid) was the ease of use. Getting a blog running in next to no time. Pretty awesome.

I’m still musing over Deviki, our very own wiki. I’m going to investigate RoR, try and get it running with the apache server on my laptop. Not sure if the place that hosts this site would allow their server (WEBrick i think it’s called) to run. Don’t even know if I can alter the apache file … but we’ll see. Anything is possible

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