A Symph(f)ony Of .. Stuff

It seems that everywhere I turn there is something new, that is, something new to me.

Symfony is a php/javascript ide-ish project in the vein of Ruby on Rails. Except that it uses Php. Obviously. From the looks of it, Pear is a big part, although I saw an article on the site re installing on XP without Pear.

The shopping cart .mov is a nice demo. In no small part because they chose to use Apple as the store. Apple stuff looks hot. So when they show you the site on the demo, it looks awesome mostly because it’s using the gifs/jpgs of apple products.

Smart design.

And from the looks of the structure, it is definately similar in concept to Ruby on Rails. Which is not a bad thing.

So props to them. In a recent discussion, we were hypothesising (spl?) that someone will come out with an IDE to develop Web Applications that will just cane. Whether one of these will do it, time will tell. In the vein of a 4GL-ish product, Morfik looks pretty close. Although again, time will tell.

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