About DevDawn

Where to begin? Well … at the beginning. If we lived in the world of The Princess Bride, then we would be Vizzini.

No. That’s not right.

If this were Joss Whedon’s Serenity-Verse, then we would be Mr Universe.

No. Again, not right.

Dev Dawn is about Ideas.

That’s better. More to the point. Ideas are what we are about. Not just having them, but doing something with them. Dev Dawn has purpose. There is much of it that isn’t known yet … but what is, follows.

Ideas are the life-blood of development. But they are only the beginning. You need a foundation. You need planning. You need the excitement to get an idea from fragments of words in space to released production. This is what Dev Dawn is about. Putting forth ideas, moulding them, fleshing them out into constructs of reality.

There is more. Community is a big part of it. Establishing a library of information that will help people to better understand what Development is. How to take an idea and transform it, make it a worthy goal.

Again with the phrase, the summation, the mission statement … Information :: Conduits Of, Interfaces To.

keywords: Ideas. Purpose. Development. Planning. Excitement (Fervour?).

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