Dev Shout :: TADSpot

In the first Dev Shout, I’m going to give a big greet to TADSpot.

First things … this is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever seen. Today’s Google Rumor.


Classic stuff.

Anyway … TADSpot has a great design. And when I say great, I mean it’s the kind of site that looks different, and then grows and grows on you. I’m now at the stage of considering a total Borg assimilation because I’m getting sick of the boring Dev Dawn theme.

But … it’s not just the visual appeal. The TAD Man posts are intelligent, insightful, and off-beat enough to start the thought processes flowing. Because that’s what we need. Not just towing the line … not just being a news aggregator, but pushing further.

TADSpot is this, and much more. Go visit now.

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