Digg :: After I’d Dug A Little, The Purpose of Digg.com

So, Digg is a rising force within the world of Inter-Tech. There’s a few articles floating around (you can find them on Digg) re the battle between Digg and Slashdot.

So it’s kind of a news aggregator.

Anyway, when I found out about it, two days ago, it was from Paul Stamatiou’s article on How To Boost Your Blog Traffic. So in the last two days I "dugg" six stories.

Now it seems that I made an error. Not sure about this, someone might prove me wrong.

It’s bad form to digg a post/article from your own blog that references another post from another blog.

Then that got me thinking. Well, it’s probably more about the amount of content in your post that is referencing the other post. Three of my posts were about another article. The content in them was brief, but I’m still gonna be stubborn and hold that it was okay to digg them.

Why? Because the first place I found out about the site was an article about pushing my site, getting traffic. So that is what I was doing. I can understand the issues with it, but in the end, I’m providing content that I believe other people would enjoy reading. Hopefully you do.

And if it’s crap content, then get to flaming. Feedback is gooood.

I’m going to go digg this post now … see if we can’t get some answers.

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