Pimp Your Site #1

On the weekend, we had the pleasure of watching Pimp My Ride. Man alive, it was a blast. Haven’t had such a good laugh in a long time. Some of the stuff they do to those cars … Wish I could have a satellite on the top of my vehicle.

Anyway, onto the actual body of this post.

It’s been a long road (well, 2.5 weeks now), since I got properly into blogging. Since I signed up for Google Adsense. Since I started pimping Dev Dawn in any way I could find out about (see Paul’s Article that got me really started).

What’s the deal with AdSense? After a few days, I’d made about 3 dollhairs (i mean, dollars … heh heh, funny David Spade quote).

Now, I know this is a new blog, and that it takes time, probably a year or more, to get anywhere. I’m cool with that. But it got me thinking.

Making money from ads is more than just attracting people to your site. Web Traffic is a different beast, although related. Just because you get a thousand/million hits a day, doesn’t mean you’ve got the best site for making money from ads.

If you were getting a million hits a day, then I guess the percentage of people who were hitting the ads would mean you’d make a fair amount of money anyway. That’s not a problem … although still, most of us don’t get that many hits in a day. Or a month. Or a year.

To maximise your ad revenue potential, I’d say you need to not only attract traffic, but have the site content that puts people in the frame of mind that will make them click on ads.

Dev Dawn isn’t one of those sites. It’s a site about Ideas, Development, the sharing of Information.

Have a look at the top three Technology BogTopSites sites right now. Elliot Back, Digital Camera Reviews, and no1 at the moment, Forever Geek.

It’d be interesting to see their advertising stats. Each of these sites showcases products, interesting things. If I’m browsing the Digital Camera Reviews site, I’m gonna be looking for a camera, or I’m going to be seeing what’s the best. If I see an ad that gives me a great deal on a piece of equipment I need, then because I’m already looking at a site that’s about reviewing products, then I’m going to be in a "buy this" frame of mind.

This stands for every possible niche I guess.

In fact, you could take this and develop the idea further. If you can, in some way, get the reader into the correct frame of mind, you maximise the potential for ad clicking.

This post has gotten frayed at the end. My ideas aren’t as concrete as they were when I started. Will require more thinking, but the beginning is there.

Pimping sites is still a new frontier. I’m sure we’ll be discovering exciting methods for quite some time.

Thanks for reading.

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