Sony DRM Fallout #2, Plus Telstra

On my way to find the subject of this article, I found Telstra to sack 12,000, Contractors First. Sucks to be employed by Telstra at the moment. They would be feeling the pinch in a lot of areas. The rise of VOIP over here (Australia) means they will be losing percentages not only on Internet, but also their primary function (at least in my mind), that is, as a telco.

Their foray into I-Mode sucked big time. I remember getting excited about it at the start of the year, even delved into some development on it (a Snake clone, whoah — the link is not to mine, it’s what came up on Google). The hoops just to get something working on I-Mode were pretty crazy. I imagine there weren’t too many Developers who would choose it over the more established frameworks. I haven’t seen an I-Mode advertisement for a while. Maybe they’ve given up on it? Not sure.

Anyway … onto the other.

Sony says no rootkits on locally made CDs, although they say that some retailers are probably selling foreign made ones. I’ve been telling people about the DRM fiasco, so I guess I’ll continue to tell them.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Sony, but something will happen. As powerful as the blogosphere is, there has to be outside movement to call them to some kind of explanation. Although … maybe the blogosphere does hold that kind of power. Imagine if major sites refused to review their products. Nice.

Absolute power … something.

A few thoughts on the ongoing Sony "scaandal", and Telstra’s. Aussie Style.

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