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Here is Stu, me. I’m bigger than your average bear, and not so grumpy … most of the time.

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Loud, Excitable, Simple, Iron-Skinned, Eats A Lot, Belly Laughs, Hairy, …


I’ve had an amazing life. In that I am so very blessed, and have been, despite the ups and downs we experience in life.

  • Got beaten up a lot in late primary school/early highschool.
  • Went to a Boarding School in Sydney
  • Grew.
  • Learned that most people felt wierd about the fact that my Dad was a Presbyterian Minister.
  • Grew.
  • Found that after a while, friendships were made despite any eternal differences.
  • Grew.
  • Found out about the power of being cool.
  • Wasn’t Cool.
  • Was Cool.
  • Grew.
  • Finished School and started Uni.
  • Kept growing.
  • Preached on the lawns at Sydney Uni while slowly doing a Bachelor of Science
  • Played a lot of touch footy.
  • Went to a lot of camps.
  • Made some very close friendships.
  • Met my wife.
  • Around four weeks later we started going out.
  • About seven weeks after that, we got engaged.
  • Then, around … six months down the track, we got hitched.
  • Part-Time Uni while doing Youth Work.
  • Part-Time Uni while working at Dick Smith Electronics.
  • We get pregnant.
  • Again with the Uni while working at a Deli.
  • Finished Uni, finally, six years after starting. Who says dumb people can’t finish stuff :) … heh.
  • We move northward, into the great Australian Outback … sort of. It’s dry, and lots of flat country.
  • Have three children, all of whom bring so much blessing it’s amazing.
  • Start getting into development by accident, learning how to use the first windows version of Clarion.
  • Start thinking I could do this on my own, plus the drought means people start running out of money. That, and bad management.
  • Developing Systems becomes my main endevour for a couple of years.
  • Not enough money is coming in. Too much hard work, not enough smart work.
  • Get my current job.
  • Move back to Sydney and start my current job.
  • Learning (brain) curve spikes out of control. So much stuff is getting plugged into my head I’m beginning to wonder just how much of a newb I was before.
  • Still learning.
  • Started up a little blog called Dev Dawn.


  • Dev Dawn becomes a raging massive huge and unalterable success, projecting us into stardom.
  • We cannot walk out of the office without being swamped by fans of all shapes and sizes.
  • We refuse to "Sell Out To the Man", whoever that is at the time.
  • Dev Dawn becomes the last bastion for hope against the evil oppressors.
  • We triumph over the dark abyss that is Goosoft, the Microogle Overlords.


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