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So. With my excitable nature, and after getting a general consencus (spl?) from across many blogs, i’m starting to take photos. With a digital camera no less. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway. Here’s the first.

It’s my workplace. Where I delve into the dark, dank, dangerous dungeons of development.

That’s a lot of D’s.


Be sure to note the many work enhancers.

  1. There’s a Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer bottle. That’s refreshment.
  2. Then there’s the Diet Coke bottle behind the lcd screen. That’s for addiction … i mean, concentration.
  3. Simpsons figurines are bluetacked to the edge of the table. This was a (failed?) attempt to maintain some version control. Although John’s Shoebox idea is cool.
  4. The Dell Inspiron 9100 (which doesn’t have an easily findable webpage … probably cause it’s a couple of years old) is a beast. Still. Even though it weighs half a metric tonne (I’ve got big brawny shoulders for hard labour), and even though the power supply can give you third-degree burns on contact (or proximity), and EVEN though it occasionally gives me grief on startup … it’s the bomb.

    I can fire up a bunch of stuff all at once. And I push it. It runs a bunch of apps at once, with servers running, and lots of browser testing, app testing, guis … etc, and I even tested it by running World of Warcraft with stuff open … still works fine. This thing is beautiful.

    Of course, it’s getting the absolute snot thrashed out of it. Considering all things, it allows me to get done the work i need to, with the power baby, power.

  5. Last, and most assuredly not least, are the little boxes in the background. I mean … those machines that gave us joy as kids. Well … not so much me … I had to get my joy from watching other kids play, as we didn’t get pocket money growing up ( … I don’t have any issues … whatchoo talkin bout?).

Anyway … we’ve got a pretty sweet setup down here … it’s very conducive to development. Which enables us to do what we do.

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