Aussie Blog Awards

Smarty Blog has announced the winner of their Australia’s Best Blog award. See Darren’s post and the ensuing comments. There is a bit of general annoyance over the winner, Singing Bridges. It would be hard to judge 530 blogs, because your personal opinion would no doubt play a big role. I guess having criteria would break down most of the problems, and you will never please everyone.

I’d have to say of the top eleven, Karen Cheng’s leaps out first in terms of simplicity in design. Nice clean interface, piccies, easy to read. Content would be a lot harder. In terms of learning, Darren’s would be my pick. There’s so much for the developing blogger on that site.

I’d like to see Smarty put together a listing of all the blogs they reviewed, and how they fared against the categories. Give some indication what they are looking for. Not that one single group defines what is good for a blog, especially Australia’s Greatest Blog, but it’s good to get an understanding of what other people see as being good. Also, Smarty are doing a good work, putting money towards promoting blogs.

Anyway, back to work.

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