Burnout, Without The Cars

It’s been long nights, sometimes with nary an hour of sleep, and you are bone weary.

You go through periods where some pizza and caffiene trick your brain into thinking you can just motor along like a zombie, because at least you are getting something done.

Others see the degradation in your eyes, the code bits falling around you like that green-text stuff on the Matrix.

Through your sleep haze you can make out logical decisions, but if anyone asks you for an explanation, or indeed to show them the simplest of routines, your weakness is exposed for all to see.

There’s nothing like a bit of burnout to show us our humanity.

So how do we combat this vicious beast? You know it’s the enemy to true and pure development :). Sometimes you have to work with your enemy, there are times for long hours and longer coding sessions. But we are frail, creatures of dust. So we need to make sure that our burnout sessions are limited.

I have recently been enlightened as to the nature of burnout, and shown what is, for me, the solution. I would think this holds true for most people, in whatever field.

Rest. Simple. No brain-strain. Take the mind, put it in a box, and spend time doing things you don’t normally do. Maybe go out for a day playing sport. Perhaps take the family to the beach. Maybe, if the flu is involved spend the day in bed with a book and some moofies.

Whatever it is, find that place. That Happy Place.

This has been Stu, with his three cents on burnout.


As I was digging, this article on Burnout popped up. It’s got more detail and focus than mine. A good read.

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