Cataloguing Learning

A very random thought occured to me walking down the street today. It’s inane and most probably useless, but anyway.

There are three types of learning for me.

Learning :: The New

This is the largest cloud by far. In the last year, my new learning has sky-rocketed. I hope it continues.

Learning :: The Old

This is stuff I’ve come across before, but has dimmed in my memory. It’s there, and will come back with a certain level of prodding. I guess this is a sliding scale. If something hasn’t been used in a long while, then it might take more rehashing to get up to speed.

Learning :: The Existing

What I’m working on right now. It’s fresh in my brain, and exciting usually.

Reading this short little post, I suspect anyone reading might be questioning my sanity. Learning is learning. That’s right I suppose. But sometimes exploring a random thought isn’t a bad thing.

Anyway, back to the new, the old, and the existing.

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