LivePlasma .. This Is Just That Cool

LivePlasma. Go. Now.

I discovered this place just today, when looking at a article on Multiverse. has collaborated with LivePlasma to produce an awesome searching tool for all their news.

Before really looking at it though, I clicked on the LivePlasma link, and had a play.

Unbelievable. This is so very cool. The way the tree of related nodes flies out from the main sphere. The way the searches fade. The Zoom spheres. The roll-over functionality. You just have to go have a look.

Now, if only this was a plugin for WordPress. Ha ha.

It’s got a massive amount of potential. And the coolness factor.

Anyway, it’s possible I’m excited about something that will fade away … but I don’t think so.

This is just that cool.

Here’s what a search for "x-men" under Movies looks like:


The control panel is simple and clear:


When searching by Artist/Band the layout changes slightly.


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