New Kid on the Social Bookmarking Blog(ck)

Thanks to a post on Great Nexus, I have discovered the world of Shouting, as opposed to Digging.

Now, the first time you light this puppy up, that is, visit, it looks like a greener cousin of the afore-mentioned Digg. And then you start looking around, registering, etc etc, and you realise. It is the same thing, with some small differences.

  1. You Shout instead of Digg
  2. It’s more than just Techo
  3. It’s not as complete an experience, at the moment, as Digg. Only really because you can’t have the "friends" functionality, although that’d no doubt be on the way.

So from my five seconds of knowing about it and using it, ShoutWire looks pretty cool. It’s got a clean interface, and is simple. No doubt, it’s the sibling of Digg, but that’s cool. I Digg the Shouting.

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