When Your Baby Goes Global

World of Warcraft Surpasses 5 Million Customers Worldwide.

That’s gotta be another notch in Blizzard’s belt.

I was trying to align other software in my mind to the Massive Multiplayer Online game. They are projects that use the internet as a conduit specifically. You can’t download and play on your own computer without an internet connection. It’s not like using QuickBooks, which is a standalone product. It’s not like using Windows, or Linux, because they’re OS’s. Different category.

Maybe they are a new category. Other software utilises the internet to allow certain functionality, but WoW and the others are totally reliant on having connection to the interweb.

Anyway, my initial thoughts were … Blizzard have to be getting into the upper eschelons of the Big Software Gurus … having a product that has 5 millions users.

I suppose IE and Firefox would have the largest amount of users … although my breadth of knowledge in this area is pretty small. They would definately be up there in terms of :: how many people use this piece of software?

So … maybe that would be a good piece of research …

How many people use this piece of internet-reliant software? We use the term "internet-reliant" to mean that you cannot operate the software without having an Internet connection.

But then, is that a connection to a nebulous group (file-sharing), or to specific servers (WoW), or just to the Internet (browsers).

Hmmm. Not sure. This deserves a little more thought.

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