Bring It On

Okay. I’m doing it. Tonight. The start of something special. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, … whatever. It’s gonna start tonight. I’m being active instead of reactive. I’m pushing ahead where my mind doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

2 hours. Only thought beforehand. Fully installable executable.

  • Project :: Simple Billing System
  • Time :: 2 Hours
  • Choice Of Poison/Development Tool :: Clarion, by Softvelocity
  • Environment :: Dining room table, Wifey watching tv in the background, airconditioner at 20%, no earphones (usually on when working).
  • Rules ::
    • No Handcode, only use the templates, and any 3rd-Party templates installed at the time
    • Fully Installable, using Installer of choice, with all dll’s required
  • Initial Thoughts on Breakdown (in minutes)::
    • (1-15), Writing down thoughts, breaking up project on paper, no use of Clarion, although maybe some websurfing
    • (16-105), Fire it up, go for broke putting the project together, starting with the Dictionary (file structures), then the app
    • (106-120), Installation creation, testing on networked computer

I’m going to write in my notebook during the 2 hours, and then scribe it to the blog afterward. The times might be a little out, I’ll be going by my laptop time.

Okay, Nuff said.

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