File Systems .. Some Lite Reading

Okay. So I haven’t pimped any Slashdot articles in a while.

This one led me to File System Design part 1: XFS. It’s a pretty interesting read, especially for someone who didn’t really have a clue about how the insides worked. Hardware and software -wise.

The writer’s (Narayan Newton) infectious verve, his excitement, actually helps me to get through the article. My brain doesn’t take well to hardcore stuff like this, but I think I understood most of it. The trees harked back to uni, and the discussion on hard-drives, sectors, etc etc was pretty cool.

What got me most, was the big theoretical differences in scalability between NTFS and this particular file system, XFS. 2 TB as opposed to 18-19 million TB. That’s some scalability.

A nice little cache of information to store somewhere in the inner regions of my brain.

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