Sibisy, Up and Running, Maybe

Sibisy, the Simple Billing System, is up for your perusal. Download it and take a gander. It’s more of an acid test to show just how much you can get done with Clarion, than an actual program. A prototype I suppose.

Here’s an excerpt from the project page ::

So as it stands I learnt a GREAT deal from doing this. I would recommend any and all developers to regularly give this a go. 2 hours is a seriously short amount of time, and you’ll come out the other side more buffed up than when you went in. Brain-Buffed … heh heh. Ahh, the “humor” is returning.

So go to and get downloading. Install. Come back and flame me because it doesn’t work from scratch.

Download Sibisy 0.1.0

The file is 1,324 KB … not much at all.

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