Trouble, Toil & Marbles

Am having trouble connecting to the site at work, which is probably a good thing for anti-distraction measures, but it also means less opportunity to blog the instant i get an idea, which means that idea usually gets lost in the great unknown void of memory.

I’ve decided to embark on a project. It’s purposes are many-fold. It’s going to (hopefully):

  1. Increase the public awareness of just how good Clarion is
  2. Allow the experience of a Development cycle in a short time
  3. Get other people debugging the project
  4. Other …

I’m planning to create a piece of software from go to woe in a short time period, probably 2 hours. The limits will be:

  • I cannot write down any thoughts until the time begins
  • It has to be a full solution, including Installable executable file
  • Obviously, it’s a Desktop development, for Windows only

I was also weighing up whether, to show just how cool the basics of Clarion are, to not use any embedded code. Any coding to speak of, Clarion being a 4GL, Rapid Application Development suite. Not sure about this still. While the template generated stuff is good, and you can get something up and running in the shortest amount of time possible, a few embeds greatly, GREATLY, enhance the functionality of the program.

As it stands, I probably will go with a No-Code ruling.

The next step of the Project is to decide what I’m going to put together. There are quite a few possibilities, but I’m thinking of a simple Contact Management System. But that’s after only a little thought, so quite possibly it will change.

So, more on this later.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and may your sideburns (or lack of) grow large and wiry.

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