Demonstration Man

I’m no Wesley Snipes to Sly’s lame future man .. but today I learnt an amazing truth.

Okay, the start of that sentence made almost no sense :).

Anyway. Onto the meat.

Today the system i’ve been working on for the past 6ish months had it’s first demonstration. It was only three other people, and I didn’t even demonstrate it.

We got through perhaps 1/20th of the functionality, mostly just administration stuff.

Something incredible happened. I was taking notes, trying to absorb all that was being said, and the extra thoughts that were popping into my head. And as we debriefed afterwards, I realised .. these elements that before were cloudy and even misty, were now coalescing in my mind. The clarity of the greater and smaller visions was far clearer than ever before.

Part of this is because someone else was driving the program. Admittedly, 99% of the logic behind the program originated from this person, but he hasn’t seen it for a long time. Seeing his excitement when working out/remembering the power that lay in his creation was really cool. And that infection helped me to see what he was aiming for.

Moreover, just the simple fact that there were other bodies watching the program gave a little more to the experience. It’s why we’re hard-pressed to go without human contact. Because like steel on steel, we need to be sharpening each other’s minds. That’s what a demonstration gives. It’s like a whetstone to the battle axe.

For the rest of the day my brain was a-buzz. I slammed through the little (but important) bits of coding (functionality, UI, …) at an amazing rate. I had the zone baby. The Zone was mine, owned and fully realised.

I’m sure there will be days of slowness, definitely. And there will be days of greater headiness too (when I finish this next project, that’s gonna rock) .. but for now, this is now.


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