Down The River

Have done away with the post naming for journaling the gaming project. Can’t have my imagination going to waste :).

I had some cool ideas today, in regards to making the gameplay simpler, more intuitive. What sparked these ideas was the discovery of a little gem called POV-Ray. This is an awesome little rendering machine that lets you get something out the door lickety-splick. Especially in my case where the project is mainly for learning purposes, and the graphics just need to be simple and pumped out quick, without having the learn the nuances of a big piece of software.

POV-Ray runs from files that are similar to c/c++. Which is cool. And my memory of the computer graphics course done at uni came back with a bang. The Left-Hand Coordinate System, setting the camera, making objects. This thing does it really quickly. You set the camera position, the point it’s looking at, add the objects, a little light, press G .. and BAM. It renders.

Very exciting.

In other news, I read this article today talking about how Microsoft is planning to release six versions of Windows Vista. Six! I guess the more products they package and push out the door the more dominance they will have. Heh. I can’t wait to see how this is done. The marketing especially. How they try and make it an easy choice for the buyer. Which one of these six fine ladies .. ha ha. Can’t Hardly Wait flashback.

Haven’t managed any further coding on the game project. States is still the next step.

Over and out.

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