It’s Aliiiiiive!

Spherical Phoke is a project that has been mulling about in my mind for quite some time. While it’s still very much in it’s infancy, we have a beginning.

Spherical Phoke is about the people behind the stuff. Looking beyond content (blogs, development, most other things) and to the author of that content.

Our first Interview is with Paul Stamatiou. That’s right. Pretty sweet.

One of the main purposes behind collating Interviews of "Spherical Phoke" is for others to come and be inspired, be convicted, to see others doing what they dream, or to find that there are people experiencing the same thing.

Of course, an Interview can only show so much, and a lot depends on the skill of the Interviewer and their questioning acumen. Of course, I’m a total newb … but with great experience comes great power … or something like that. Anyway, that’s not going to stop me. I get better every time I write out some questions, read other people’s interviews, listen to the news, and so on.

Thanks for coming, and stay tuned for the first of the Spherical Phoke.

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