Mixing My Meta-Tools

My next project, which is going full-steam tonight, is mixing together c++ and clarion. In the last week I’ve returned to some game code I wrote over a year ago, before getting my current job. I searched for a simple library to begin, and then dabbled a tiny bit.

Now I’m back, and it’s a blast. My understanding of what software development is has increased maybe 13.5-fold … and it’s got me very excited.

Anyway, the game itself is basic … the important test for this project is what lies behind the game. The data. The C++ application is going to call procs/funcns from a clarion dll, where the database is declared, specifically designed for the game.

There will be a host of things that come out of this, and most of them I don’t know about yet.

But anyway, tally-ho, wotnot, I’m off to code.

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