Top 10 Google & Technorati “Software Development” Sites–Part 1


The first Death Star was flawed … wait on … The first draft of this article/post was flawed. That is … i wrote to much before saving, and then lost it all.
What this did was flick a little switch in my brain as to the auto-saving of WordPress documents … I haven’t yet looked into the plugins dbs, but if something doesn’t exist, then I wonder how hard it will be to create it.
Anway … on with becoming an Investigatory Journalist.

In an effort to better understand what is happening in the world of Development, I took out my sleuthing suede hat, pipe, magnifying glass, and got to work. It was rough at the beginning, fighting villian’s of the calibre of Professor Moriaty … wait on.

All dream-sequences aside, I began my search with to of the greatest tools at our disposal today. Google, and Technorati.

Disclaimer #2:

These lists may alter from time of publication to time of reading. Hopefully not by much.

What follows is a shocking tale of greed, murder, mystery, … heh heh. Can’t you tell I’m a frustrated story-teller.

Read on to see what I discovered. Part 2 (the Technorati bits) is forthcoming.

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The Giant OS

Man alive! I’ve never really thought about this particular point, and so, like the oft-mentioned lightbulb … it really clicked with me.

Dion Hinchcliffe writes about the Web 2.0 Mashup Ecosystem.

What really hit me square in the forehead was his looking at the web like a big giant OS. Awesome. It’s really mind-blowing for a yokel like myself. I mean, it’s pretty simple when it becomes clear. It’s not restricted to a single computer, hardware, software … it’s far greater than it’s parts.

Next I want to hear that the web has started to create it’s own little spaces in the fabric of reality. I mean … that’s the way my mind goes after reading this article. One more step along the path towards what writers dreamed of years ago.

The Power of BACK

Okay … I’ve got this awesome post, spend over two hours tonight on it … and then BAM … moved my hand slightly, and pressed the BACK button on my 5-button mouse.

Boom. Gone.

There isn’t a power in the world that can bring those hundreds of words back to me. Except they will come back, not now, but later. Just … it’s painful to lose something you thought was good writing. Or at least it was a lot of writing. Heh heh.


It’s been posted a few days, but go and check out Tad’s Shaving Article. It made me laugh out loud. Mostly I guess because of the Late Show (the aussie one), where Tony Martin (and Mick Malloy?) go through this new super, many bladed shaver. Awesome stuff. And here I find Tad showing me a shaver with six blades (1 hidden). Man alive!

Also, if anyone doesn’t check out Tadspot, you should. The site is getting very popular now, front-page in Digg, and other bookmarking sites. Got a range of different articles/posts, like the shaving one :), but also TV-casts, books, and some good ideas about where Internet stuff is heading.