Callbacks, Plugins and Brain Lockouts

It occured to me at lunch, that too often I brain lockout. That is, unless I’m actually working and understanding a concept, or thought, or idea, .. then I turn off and start thinking about something else. Not all the time, but it’s happening lately, with the amount of stuff going through my brain.

What I should be doing is:

  • Actually trying to understand what is being talked about. One basic method, tried and true, is to ask questions. This presents some problems, but they mostly exist within the realms of the ego. Of course, too often, I nod and agree without actually understanding, so later on asking questions is a double-whammy because I not only don’t understand, but I tried to say that I did, furthering my buffoonish antics.
  • Do think about other areas, but focussed on the topic at hand. If I’m okay at thinking up linking the hard-core coding concepts with real-world business applications (theoretically, cause I’m not) .. then I should probably try and tie these in. Not necessarily in that particular conversation, but keep them brimming around in the brain.

I guess this isn’t so much of a development post as a character post. Gearing up for the Aussie Dev Con has got me thinking about how a bunch of clarion devs will actually interact on a personal basis. Face-to-face. I’m looking forward to it, because I know that I do revel in certain aspects of People-Person work. It will be interesting, and exciting.

Anyway. Strange and wierd post. Cheers if you got this far.

Until next time I post, and you read .. seeya.

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