Old School Ruwels

I’m going back to basics today. Posting bout stuff I’ve read on the net. There’s something cathartic about commenting on what other people have written. And other things. "A center for kids who can’t read good and who want to learn to do other stuff good, too." Ahhh. Don’t know where that quote came from. Somewhere dark and scary.


First things first.

  • Spent a while last night bashing through Joomla, to get my business site up. It’s got NOTHING on it yet, content-wise .. but anyways, here tis : http://www.archertechnologyservices.com.

    The purpose/plan at the moment, is that it will become the base for project downloads, resume stuff, work history, services .. That’s the plan.

  • Google Calendar is nigh. This will be interesting, because lately people have been asking me about web functionality, simple stuff, but calendar based. Being able to set events and then have reminder emails to the people assigned to that event.

    Check out these screenshots and comments.

  • This might be a little hard to skim-read, at least I found I had to actually stop and do some quality reading. But, anyways.

    Dion Hinchcliffe’s "A Timeless Way Of Building Software" article is really, a great read. Actually, without wanting to don the MonkeyHat +5 Hype, you can learn stuff from any article he writes. Whether or not you agree, reading them brings another perspective. I find that I do agree, and that, like Mr Joel he pushes my thinking further.

  • In another Google-related news piece, they have acquired Writely, the online-office-ee word processor. Writely seemed pretty cool, I think I signed up to the beta. Although, because I write desktop software, it’s harder to see why I would utilise it. However, that’s not to say a reason won’t pop up in the future. If Google succeed in melding all this stuff (GMail, Calendar/Events, Writely, ..) then it might well just be the best thing since .. Ajax .. ha ha ha. Buzz-word craziness.
  • This is an awesome article, Feature: The Creative Power of Second Life. Second Life is a sandbox play business model. This article blows my mind. There are consequences here that go far. The mashup of Web 2.0 and Gaming. Nice. The whole potential (realised, and future) of Second Life. It’s amazing. In-simulation browsers of the real-world web. That’s just .. cool.
  • Zombie MMO Announced, man alive! Killing stuff zomie-style. This is the pinnacle of human achievement. Well .. there’s something about zombies. Not sure if it’s a good thing, ha ha.

So there you have it. My back to old-school blog. Simple news aggregation with a little comment thrown in. I wanted to copy straight from Dion’s Web 2.0 Blog and have a piccie showing my understanding of some development idea i’d had .. but alas, not today.


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