The FeedInator

So I get in a little late to work this morning (rugby injury slowing me down), and my Feedburner scripty pic tells me my feeds are now … 4.

Yesterday, when I left, the figure was somewhere in the low thirties. So you can imagine my surprise.

Either I’ve been hoaxed that whole time by bot feedreaders (I don’t even know if they exist, just thought that it might be possible), or quite a few people got really annoyed and bailed from my feed.

So if you’ve recently done the Mr Holt from Dev Dawn, drop me a line and tell me why. I’d like to increase the Feed Figure if possible, so let me know what the bizo is. Perhaps my content? Or the funny jokes? Maybe it was the acrid stench?

If you’ve been struck by any/all of the above, please, let me know.

Cheers and All That,

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