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Aussie DevCon was, in my opinion, AWESOME. A raging success.

I’m going to have a run down, going in-depth, as far as my memory and notes allow .. but here’s a quick taste.

We had some great presentations, the food was superb, there were pool tables, we got to put Russ over the C7-Grill, and Capesoft wowed.

I can honestly say, that we (me and the Crew) walked away better developers.

Most importantly, we got to meet and get to know people. Other Clarion Developers. And this, my friends, is most wonderful. I’m not going to name everyone, but EVERYONE who went, greets and salutations. Drop us a hello here, send a message.

Tony and David produced a quality show. Many and more kudos to you guys. It was seriously the high point in my short development career. Probably will be till the next DevCon we go to :).

Anyway, I’m babbling away without direction yet. I’m going to go through the whole weekend soon, and don’t want to shortchange this.

Also, I managed to, after beating him up a little with those Mickey Mouse gloves, get an interview with Bruce Johson (and Jono Woodhouse for the second half). This will most likely be split into a number of segments. It’s about 50 minutes long, so I’d like to put up some bite-sized chunks. Also i’d like to transcribe it down, in some form :), so yeah. Might take a little time.

More later. Nuff Said.

May the WAC and LAC rule the world ..

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