The Web is RAD Man

Dabble could be what to web development what Clarion is to desktop development. Big call. That’s why it’s a "could be". It’s hard to compare in reality. The pre-release product is already hyped way past Clarion, being on the Web 2.0 bandwagon, winning awards, getting blogged. That sort of stuff.

This is pretty cool. From my kind-of-watching-to-very-interested viewing of the video, it seems their creating something to do what Clarion does, or any other rad tool. Easy manipulation of databases.

This kind of experiment (Web Interface stuff) could prove extremely powerful. In terms of development work, and output. Removes any of the desktop issues pretty much.

Of course, there’s gonna be issues. Hopefully the guys who created Dabble will get the air time they need to launch a product .. that, and actually bring the goods to the table .. of course, from the video, it seems those goods are pretty far along.

Here’s to seeing where this goes. I’m excited, not Hype-Monkey status, more Interested Watcher.

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