Okay. Just gonna do a generic news posting. Well, probably not generic.

Net Neutrality is a big catchphrase zooming around the internet at the moment. It’s interesting to find out about, not because I’m worried, or even pretend to know the depths of both sides to the argument (if indeed it’s just two sides). I’m interested because it could be the place where historians in a hundred years time point to as the start of something. A spread. A break. The Breaking.

Something like that.

It could be. It might not.

There’s a good article on the E-Week site, mainly focussed on Google, but it gives a good concise explanation of what Net Neutrality is about.

If you’re a dedicated Lazy Programmer (here, here, and here .. man I’m longing for the multiple-link tag, a javascript-ee menu thingy that would give you a list of links from a single a href tag .. anyway), I’ll summise.

Using a pipe analogy, Net Neutrality is about whether the companies that own the pipes can dictate what goes through them. Control. Give precendence to.

That’s my initial understanding of the matter.

Of course, the initial thought is BAM .. that’s some massive possibility for evil. You can have our nice supa-fast piece of pipe .. while you on the other hand, here’s a pile of plastic to see if you can get some water through.

That’s definately on people’s minds.

Anyway. I’m not pretending to have any insight into the matter. Just relaying the news.

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