Projman .. The Next Generation

Wow. Jack Bauer can really whup some assne.


As I sit here, in the cold, early in the morning, I’m excited.


Because, thanks to the latest updates of NetTalk 4, Projman has reached beta. It’s a loose beta, but there nonetheless.

Projman is a Project Management System, that allows you to access your Todo’s from anywhere you can access the web.


Instructions aren’t really in existance at the moment, so take it as you will.

Everything can be administered (data) from the Webserver Application.


Once you have started the server, the local address (still no option to set the Port Number yourself) is


p.s. I’m not sure how good those jaggy edges are .. one of the many exciting features of SnagIt .. but sometimes it’s probably a little too overboard :).

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