Clarion All Road-Mapped

Bob Z has posted again, regarding the Clarion Roadmap.

It’s great (awesome even, although I use that word far too frequently) to see this communcation. Getting another look inside, seeing how the development is going, what purpose and direction they (SoftVelocity) have.

Keep it up Bob!

Here are two snippets of interest ("Spirit" being Clarion 7, and "Hidalgo" being Clarion .NET) ::

Spirit is currently scheduled to be completed and released this year (2006). It will support development of Win32 applications using any version of Clarion from 1.5 to 7.0. We’re considering releasing tech preview builds to Core Subscription users as we get closer to RTM, and before that organizing an Alpha release team, primarily to allow 3 rd party vendors to prepare new editions of their products.

The current plan is to release Hidalgo in calendar year 2006. Prior to the RTM for Hidalgo we’re considering releasing Clarion.Net subscriptions and tech preview builds, but that will depend largely upon how quickly we can get the heap of new language syntax documented, and the new Template sets tested.

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