You’re Winner The?

Was reading this very interesting article (SlashDot) on the demise of TechTV, and came across this Wikipedia reference to Big Rigs.

Now, you read through that page and try not to laugh out loud. It’s awesome. So much the stuff of folklore.

I consider myself a gamer, but shamefully, today is the first i’ve heard of this game, which has achieved cult status. That’s pretty cool. It’s got it’s own religion. The Rigism message board is where most of this action can be found.

Now. The Development slant to this .. hmmm ..

If something so bad gains a cult following, perhaps .. If we know our product is not going to achieve the heights of massive success (whether from good design, massive marketing, great coding, or any mix), then perhaps we should not go for mediocrity, but plunge to the depths of LOSER-ness.

Create something so bad that it’s good. Come up with "YOU’RE WINNER" functionality.

Now, I’m not talking about newb-first-time-coding-clarion bad, or even i-can’t-design-a-database bad. It’s gotta suck so much, that it opposes any and all of the points it set out to win at.

For example, an Accounting System that cannot make any mathematical calculations, but just randomises a value. The windows to enter ciritical data have no entries on them. Reports have to be run before entering data. Nothing is saved.

Actually, this is harder than I first thought. Needs some better understanding of what constitutes as so bad it’s good.


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