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For the first time in a while (yeah, it’s been a while between posts too, shame shame) I’m writing within the realms of the WordPress Admin. Feels kinda strange to not have the flexibility of a full-blown word processor that autosaves what I’m typing (Writely, see This Post), amongst other cool features.

But Writely jigged me. I received an email (as everyone who had a writely account would have) saying I had to migrate across to my google email address .. naturally I did nothing about it until yesterday when I could no longer log in with my old account. Logging into my new Google account (not new really) I realised that none of my documents had come across.

Now, because I only took a cursory glance at the email, I presumed a few things. Presuming is bound to get you into trouble.

  • I presumed that Google knew who I was.
  • I presumed they would know both my normal email and my google email were linked, somehow, somewhere in the infinite depths of the data they store.
  • And finally, I presumed that Google would be able to magically pull my current documents across to my gmail account in Writely.

Bummer. It didn’t work out that way. And now I have no way (haven’t actually searched for people having the same problem, and there probably is some solution) to get at those documents.

There weren’t a huge amount of documents, and nothing I really need .. but it was the start of building up a nice collection of writings.

Big shout out to Clarion X today. John is putting together a nice site, lots of cool stuff. A serious bank of knowledge sits between his ears, and he’s putting the best bits onto the pages of Clarion X, so go on over, if you haven’t already, and take a look.

Elsewhere in the news, we read that .. well .. I haven’t read much of the news this week, so I’m gonna get back to work.

Cheers to One & All for reading these Odds & Ends,

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