New Links! And I’m Using Words I Don’t Even Know!

So I’m reformatting Dev Dawn. Taking a quick look around, I notice some new links through Technorati .. here’s the link to my Technorati Dev Dawn site.

Anyway, here’s the pic,


So, of course, I knew the jig, having read about some wierd goings on last month. But .. let’s proceed anyway.


Here’s the first link. Savings news. Dodgier than Dodge.


The nice SnagIt captions and numerals tell most of the story. Basically, they take the snapshot of your post, put it into their post database, and then add the links that are pimpin their wares.

Here’s two more from the next link. More of the same.




Not good. I guess this is the next step in crazy Spamming R’s Us. Pretty smart on one level. But just one more convoluted method. I don’t understand who goes to these sites. I guess they are links from spam emails.

Anyway, Cheers for Now.

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