That Fake Nerd At The Computer Shop


Bought a Wacom Graphire4 Drawing Pad yesterday. From the Harris Technology store down the road.

Now the Graphire is awesome. Seriously very cool. While waiting for compiles last night I spent a fair bit of time drawing. Just drawing. I got some nice stuff done ..

One of which was this, my venting at a particularly annoying salesman who has absolutely NEGATIVE customer service skills. He’d rather be talking up the back about football than smiling, or serving. He walks away mid-conversation, and let’s face it .. Pretends to be a nerd.

Anyway, it’s a flimsy pretext to show off how cool the Graphire is :).

Not that, in any way, my drawing is cool .. don’t get me wrong .. it’s nothing special. But I’m excited, as always, with something new.

Catch You’all Later,

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